Starting a new project brings a level of uncertainty to any organization. Several departments within the organization and possibly customers will be impacted. Can the project be implement within the defined time and budget constraints? How is progress measured? The answers to these questions are critical for any project.

The Project Manager must plan and measure the success of the project based on various factors. Business & Technology Management can provide the leadership, direction and management you need and can depend on!

B&TM can perform both a detailed level of project management or as a project director from a higher level supporting your project manager. We can help your organization in whichever role best suits your needs.

Business Project Management

Business initiatives vary depending on the needs of your company, the size, and the resources you have available to manage the initiatives. B&TM can provide the assistance you need to execute business plans in the areas of needs analysis, resource management, project planning and implementation. We will see your project through to a successful completion.

• Business Processes
• Facilities
• Logistics

Technology Project Management

IT projects bring together a unique combination of business, technical, and management expertise. From software installations to hardware and systems implementations, starting new IT projects often combines a variety of functional departments that must work together for the successful completion of a project. B&TM can provide the project management experience needed to accomplish project deliverables while ensuring that the overall project objectives are met.

• Applications Development
• Hardware/Software Deployment
• Systems Integration

B&TM can work with your team in implementing project management techniques for maximum success.

Project Management Office

If your organization needs strong coordination between projects, central resource management, or higher level reporting, B&TM can help you set up a Project Management Office.  We will work with your staff to align organizational strategies with business activities and resources, and then determine what type of PMO best fits your needs. Our approach merges Program Management with Results Management to ensure that technology and other projects deliver business outcomes.