Exempt Organizations/Managing Non-Profits

Starting and managing a non-profit business is often daunting. Learn what it takes to get exempt-status, identify funding sources, create budget/financial plans, hire staff and execute business operations toward managing and maintaining your exempt status. Strategies for preventing/identifying fraud will also be explored in addition to Tax implications and requirements in starting a non-profit business.

Effective Meetings

Many hours are spent daily at meetings with results not in proportion to the hours spent. Some reasons are: poor planning or lack of purpose and proper facilitation. This workshop applies meeting management techniques as it focuses on the meeting process and what must happen to plan, prepare and conduct a meeting, and for gaining commitment through consensus.

Project Management

Any activity, large or small, requires proper planning for desired results. Often, there are so many details associated with the undertaking that timely completion may seem impossible. This program identifies how to organize activities into manageable tasks, allocate and control resources, manage deliverables, and follow up to ensure timely implementation and completion of any business or technology initiative.

Team Building

Large groups often have trouble interacting constructively as a team and agreeing on strategies or tactics. Team Building shows how to develop teams and identify strategies that foster teamwork. This program outlines the dynamics of teams or workgroups and what must occur to achieve cohesion, results and overall effectiveness.

Time and Productivity Management

In this program, ways are identified to maximize activities by prioritization, clarification, values and goal setting. Key components include streamlining paperwork, making the best use of time and dealing with procrastination. This program focuses on execution so that one can get the most done in spite of everyday constraints.