Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable! It is a passionate pull inherent in the relationships of life, and people always struggle with it. The ever-present conflict demands attention and we need ways to diffuse its effect on our relationships. In this workshop, we will define the phases and causes of conflict, and identify ways to manage them.


In our ever-changing world, business partners, co-workers, customers, and employees are diverse - diverse in culture, environment, geography and race. The Diversity program is designed to assess our perceptions and address solutions to overcome obstacles that prevent enhanced personal and business relationships.

Implementing & Managing Change

This program is designed to assist employees in understanding, accepting, and managing change. This includes change in the business environment, processes, or management.

Speaking & Presentations

Surveys show that what Americans fear most - more than snakes, heights, disease, financial problems or even death - is speaking before a group. This program is outlined to review the mechanics of public speaking and provides practical principles and skills in speech preparation, organization and delivery.

Stress Management

Factors that contribute to stress impact us daily.   In this program, ways are identified to control our actions and reactions to better manage things that impact our business and personal lives.