Planning is the foundation for effective business management and operations. Business & Technology Management can assist you in devising a plan to move you from your current to your desired state, organizing tasks into manageable projects, and identifying required resources and potential constraints.

Our goal is to provide the best direction possible in developing your business roadmap.

Business Plans

If you are starting a business or seeking financial support, we can create your Business Plan. We will document your goals, budgets, financial forecasts, marketing plans and operational strategies to help you chart your course. Having a solid Business Plan is the first step in proceeding with your venture and we can help.

Our objective is to assist you in documenting measurable goals, identifying areas of exposure, and developing strategies to address them.

Business Management

There may be a time when you need assistance in running your business or technology department. B&TM can provide supervisory and management level resources to assist your organization with its general business and technology operations. Whether you are an existing business or startup company, a small business or large firm, we can provide the assistance you need.

Operations Planning

Having the proper Operational systems in place are key elements for smooth business flow. B&TM can assist you in creating and documenting organizational goals, business processes, and technology strategies. We are also independent of any hardware or software vendors to chart you the most objective approach. B&TM will provide assistance in creating strategies that are best for your business and your budget; our goal is to help you plan for the future, while maintaining and supporting the business goals.

Non-Profit Organizations

If you have recently started or are thinking of starting a non-profit organization, we can help. From providing assistance in completing the application for exemption to setting up and managing your business operations, B&TM can provide the skills you need.

Venture Financing

We can assist you in locating sources to finance your operations. From start-up to expansion, we can point you in the right direction. Fill out this form to learn more.

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